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When civil unrest strikes a planet, when invaders get past the navy and start their ground assault, when terrorist forces attempt to topple a government, you can call for help. Planets contact the last vestige of ground soldiery: Mercenaries. As long as the mercenaries get paid, as long as everybody plays by the rules, everything is fine.

Captain Todd Rook is in charge of an elite fighting force: The Radiation Angels. Armed with searing plasma cannons, armor piercing railguns, or semi-smart explosives, these are the high tech warriors who get the dangerous jobs done. Though contracted to enter battle on Ashley 9, at every turn it appears that their employers are set on making their job as difficult as possible.

They were promised generous pay, an easy battle, and spoils of war.

All these promises are broken.

Faced with economic ruin, Rook decides to bet his life and the lives of the Angels on a long shot that will put them all in mortal peril. It's a gamble that will take them across the known universe to the most lawless planet in all the colonies: Mars. Chased by cyborgs, enemy mercenaries, and an aerospace task force, Rook has bet everything he cares about upon...

The Chimerium Gambit. The Radiation Angels: The Chimerium Gambit

Author: James Daniel Ross

Science Fiction
ISBN 978-0-9826197-8-0
Pages: 182

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The man is back!

In this sequel to The Chimerium Gambit, Rook is hired by his old teammate Manuel Ortega to travel to planet Persephone and stem the endemic violence.

Follow this action packed space adventure as Rook pits his legendary tactical genius against a power hungry law enforcement agency director, a radical revolutionary, a heavily biased media, a terrified population, and a shadowy secret society. Can he unravel the secrets that seek to strangle this once vibrant planet? Can he pull the plug on the revolution that robs the people of their homes and jobs? In a society clearly near the breaking point can even the Captain of The Radiation Angels find a way to make a difference?

Read as he desperately struggles to bring an end to the wanton self destruction and save a planet from consuming itself in a spectacular riot of lies and hate. Join the fight as Rook uncovers the machinations that have lead to the downfall Ortega’s home world. He will travel from city to city, far into space, and into the deepest recesses of Persephone.

It is a mystery that will lead across the galaxy, all the way back to Earth, and will ultimately reveal…the Key to Damocles

The Radiation Angels: The Key to Damocles
Author: James Daniel Ross
Science Fiction
Mundania Press
ISBN-13: 978-1594264528

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Still not convinced?

Before he leads The Radiation Angels…

Before his Chimerium Gambit…

Before his heroic battle on Mars…

Todd Rook had to earn his place as Captain.

            In the far future, planetary governments wage war in the depths of space, counting on their monumentally powerful navies to enforce their will. The job of fighting dirt-side is left up to mercenary companies like The Radiation Angels. One day the Angels will be led by Captain Todd Rook, but for now he has to prove himself in battle in his very first mission as Scout/All Terrain.

            Five days ago, planet Walden was a paradise of sylvan glades and ivory towers. No more. The Golla, genetically engineered servants, have become a homicidal army. Now the planet burns, a center of turmoil strewn with the bodies of the innocent. Separated from his unit and dodging Golla at every turn, Rook uncovers a mystery large enough to turn an entire planet into a slaughterhouse. Now it is up to him to unravel the threads of evidence and shut down the anti-air defense network before he is cornered, captured, and killed.

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            It’s 2652 and to fight rebellions, put down revolutions, quell civil disturbance, and battle enemy ground troops, planetary governments reach out over the quantum net to hire mercenaries.

            Forget glory. Forget adulation. What occupies the mind of a mercenary soldier is survival. One day Todd Rook will be the Captain of The Radiation Angels, but first he has to earn the rank. Follow him on his second mission, where everything goes wrong.

            The Radiation Angels were hired by the officials of Goozner 3 to steal data from the KelRon Corporation. That data was to act as evidence to put some of the richest, most powerful people on the planet in jail. It is a well known fact nobody wants to go to jail, but the rich and powerful can protest incarceration with private armies.

            Follow Rook in a sprint through alleys and buildings, a race too fast for rest, to harsh for mercy, too dangerous for breath. A journey that will allow him time for Not One Word.

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            In the future of The Radiation Angels, not all warfare is waged between interstellar fleets. Space is simply too massive for any planet or group of planets to patrol every nook and cranny of hard vacuum. Even a poor, frozen planet on the edge of civilized space can face unimaginable dangers, which they must face without aid. Lessons on these frontier worlds are often penned in blood, so precious they must be passed on to future generations. Walking on ice and snow, a father and son share a poignant moment as they heft their rifles and march into an uncertain future. The next hour of their lives will determine whether they are hunters or prey, the nature of mercy, and the true meaning of both horror and courage.

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            Samuel is a nerd. He’s got the zits, the online gaming account, and name on his underwear to prove it.

            He’s also just been repossessed.

            The agent of the Fairy Queen has come to Sam’s home town. He’s got a pocket full of names attached to debts that have now come due, one way or another. The gnome steals Sam from his home and drags him on a wild ride that leaves broken lives in their wake. Sam realizes he is the only person who can stop him and has no idea how.

            The Agent has a magical wand, a rusting Desoto, and a really bad attitude. Only one thing’s for certain: This guy ain’t made of gingerbread.

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            In World War Two era Germany, numerous breeding programs were begun in the name of ensuring the purity of what they called the Aryan race. But what if Hitler’s agents found more than blue eyed, blonde haired babes? What if something much more sinister found its way into the ranks of the Nazi war machine?

            Bruce Andrew is drafted out of his Ancient and Medieval Literature Masters degree courses. Thrown into boot camp, he can only muster enough talent to become a slapdash soldier. It is a complete mystery why he is drafted into the Office of Strategic Services. It’s an even bigger mystery why anyone would send him off on a top secret mission…well inside friendly lines…alone…

            Earnest, honest, and educated, but nobody would mistake Bruce Andrew for a Natural Born Spy.


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