Mundainia Webring

An especially addictive game.

News you’ll hear everywhere else, but not with the same headlines.

Another cool artist local to Cincinnati.

My last dream job. I was the creative force behind much of Children of the Sun by Misguided Games.

I couldn’t get through life with out a little hench now and again.

I was lucky enough to tour this place with a friend of mine and trust me when I say I am still trying to find words worthy to describe it. Unfortunately, unless you pay to rent space and fill out three reams of disclaimers and waivers, you’ll probably never get the chance.

I wondered what that meant…

Lest you think I am the only Ross with a modicum of artistic panache.

I also did some minor work for these guys as well, the back cover text, some editing and internal story and a 1/3 of a sourcebook. I’m not sure if the sourcebook was ever even released, but I did prove to myself I could write 3,000 words a day for 9- days in a row. And… say it with me: ‘I’ll never, ever, do that again’.

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