A.N.T. – A.N.T. stands for autonomously navigates terrain. Basically, it is an autopilot for ground vehicles.

A2R91 – Accurate Assault Rifle, model 91. A finely made, 22” barrel, precision rifle made to fire ETC cartridges.

AB222 Fighter bomber – Assault Bomber model 222. This is a multi–role aerospace fighter/bomber.

Aeroline – Aeroline is a clean burning fuel used for fliers. It is extremely efficient, hot burning, and produces little pollution when used. Before combustion however, the chemical is extremely dangerous to life.

AP/HE – AP/HE is an acronym that stands for armor piercing/high explosive. Using various methods, these munitions are able to pierce armor before detonating.

Archeobiologist – Archeobiologists specialize in non engineered versions of life forms found on Earth.

ASAP – ASAP is military shorthand for as soon as possible.

Autocannon – Auto–cannon is the shorthand way of referring to an automatic cannon, a machinegun variant that fires 20mm or larger shells.

Bioweapon – A weapon composed, in whole or part, of a living organism. Germ warfare and some poisons are just two examples.

Body Swapping – A criminal activity where a clone of a known person is grown, then swapped for the real thing. Normally the clone has very little personality and only serves to delay pursuit until all hopes of stopping the kidnapping are lost.

C2At its base, it stands for command and control. On a broader scale, this acronym refers to anything used to dispense orders and communications to any unit or group.

Cack – Mercenary shorthand for dying.

Cathlist – A Christian denomination that grew up in the 23rd century. It combines many of the tenants and rituals of Catholicism, but does not give any leadership to a pope.

Citizen Militia – A citizen militia is a group of civilians who band together in times of national crisis in order to maintain the life of their society and protect their state, nation, or planet from harm.

Cold Bay – A cold bay is a place on any vessel that is unheated. It can be used for transporting perishables, such as meat or corpses.

Corvette – A Corvette is a medium sized spaceship with a compliment of fifty to three hundred men. It is a deep space craft, capable of traveling between solar systems.

Crack, cracked, cracking – Mercenary shorthand for failure brought on by error or negligence. It is also used to refer to a mental breakdown.

Dart Cart – Rook mentally begins calling the small, wheeled vehicles of The Bloodless dart carts because they are armed with tasers.

Deadwood – Deadwood is an ancient theatrical term referring to unsold tickets at the end of a performance, which would then have to be destroyed. In the time of The Radiation Angels, it is slang used by actors and refers to anything useless and wasteful.

Defilade – An area protected from incoming fire by hard cover.

Drone – A drone is an unmanned vehicle, controlled by remote or autopilot.

Drop Pod – A drop pod is a self–contained box fitted with life support for short space journeys.

Drop Ship – A drop ship is a trans–atmospheric craft used to transport objects from space to ground. It is usually equipped with both aeroline burning jet engines for atmospheric flight, and nuclear reaction engines for short stints of space travel.

Drop-And-Rock Security System – A series of miniature, armed, non mobile, robots that are carried into an area, dropped, and turned on. They are programmed to recognized friendly personnel, as well as threaten, then disable, then kill intruders.

Electronic Warfare Officer, EWO – A member of the team frocked as an officer. They take the place of the modern day point–man and are in charge of detecting enemy soldiers before combat is initiated. They also have the responsibility of countering all types of jamming, interruptions in communications, and lock breaking.

ETA – Estimated time of arrival.

ETC – Electro-thermal Chemical. This ammunition uses a charge of plasma to push a projectile down a rifled barrel faster, further, than old style gunpowder.

EVM – Extra vehicular movement: which is basically moving around in space without a ship for protection.

Fast Mover – Mercenary slang for any supersonic flying craft.

Field Craft – Military and Intelligence term denoting the skills required to successfully peruse a mission.

Five by Five – Military transmissions are rated by signal strength and clarity, on a scale from one to five. Five by five means perfectly ‘loud and clear’. It can also be used as slang to mean an enthusiastic affirmative.

Flier – Flier refers to any craft that travels through the air. Normally, they are small jet craft, using aeroline–burning engines.

Flight/Lieutenant, F/L – Because of the differences in training between a ground crew and a ship crew in a mercenary company, Flight– is added to the ranks of shipboard personnel. This allows the flight crew can give commands to ground crew while on ship, and visa versa on the ground. It is sometimes denoted Lieutenant/Flight.

Flush – Those that fail basic training are failed out, or ‘flushed’.

Frag – Killing a fellow soldier is called ‘fragging’. It has been co–opted as a mercenary swear word.

Globalist – Globalists are those who wish to dissolve all boarders on a planet to form a global government.

GM2112 – This is a general–purpose military fragmentary grenade made in year 2112.

Golla – A golla is a genetically engineered gorilla. They are grown and augmented on planet Walden to take the place of robotic labor forces.

Gomer – Untrained labor.

GPS  – Global positioning system, which is a common feature on all modern planets.

Grit – The first colony was on Mars. The wind–blown surface produced huge amounts of grit that would wear out machines and clog oxygen recycling equipment, causing hardship and death. It has become a derogatory term used in a myriad of ways the universe over.

Gypsy Ship – Gypsy ships are playgrounds for mercenaries. Stocked with hundreds of employees, they provide a wide range of chemical, personal, and monetary services designed to help mercenaries blow off steam and separate them from their credits. They go from war-zone to war-zone in order to be where the money is.

Hard Point – A reinforced point on a vehicles frame that can then sustain the weight and recoil of a heavy weapon. Such items might include heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, bomb racks, and so on.

Haven – Haven was a planetoid mine where the population turned to mercenary work after the ore was exhausted. It became a kind of brokerage house for mercenary work, and a base for operations and training.

Heavy Weapon Officer, HWO – A heavy weapons officer is frocked as an officer and given extra pay for their expertise in handling the weighty, expensive, and complicated squad support weapons. These can include man portable missile launchers and anti–tank weaponry, but more often they are bigger, faster firing versions of the squad’s small arms.

HUD – Heads up display.

HWO – Heavy warfare officer. Despite the name, it is usually an enlisted man who is given a more powerful weapon. Centuries ago, because of the highly fragile, expensive, and dangerously temperamental nature of the heavy weapons, such a position was always given to a line grunt who was frocked as an ‘officer’.

IgBank – Shorthand for the De Beers Intergalactic Bank.

IgMC – Shorthand for the Intergalactic Mining Company.

Integrated Personality – Many robots have only a base operating system and set of subroutines. More expensive models, mostly those meant to interact with people constantly, are also given a personality. This difference engine hurtles through complex algorithms based on humans psychology so that they can more fully interact with their owners.

Ion Dust Grenades – These contain a small explosive charge that fragments the compressed dust charge and then charges it. The charged silicate cloud fragments coherent light weapons such as lasers, and disrupts the electron ball projectiles of pushguns.

Jacka – This is a slang contraction for a person of limited intelligence or culture.

Jaw Jacking – Speaking about personal affairs while on the clock.

Jimmy – Once meaning to pick the lock on a car door, now it is used as a police swearword.

Knights of Earth – A secret society of people, similar to the Masons or the Knights of Columbus, that believes it is man’s divine right to return to Earth.

L&D – Stands for Load up and Dust off. Mercenary shorthand for grab your stuff and let’s go.

L–5 – L–5 is an ancient space station that floats at a point where the gravitational pull of Earth and its Moon cancel each other out. These are Lagrange points, and L–5 is at Lagrange point 5.

Laws of War – The Laws are a complex document made to ritualize combat to a certain extent, and to reign in the worst excesses by providing standardized rules and punishments for wartime behavior. Similar to the Geneva Convention.

LED – Light emitting diode.

Leningrad Rider – A Leningrad rider is a legal attachment to a contract that allows an employer to shoot mercenaries for retreating.

LIDAR – LIght Detection And Ranging, similar to RADAR, but using light, and in some cases coherent light, as a base.

Lieutenant/Flight – A specific rank given to flight crews. This is so a flight officer has superior rank onboard a spacecraft, which a grunt has superior rank on the ground. Sometimes denoted flight/lieutenant.

Limpet mine – A limpet mine is a magnetic mine that is affixed to a target. The blast is focused to breech the heaviest armor.

LZ – Landing zone, a designated place for a craft to land.

M.A.S.H. – Mobile army surgical hospital.

Macronanite – A nanite is a machine made of very few atoms and can only be seen through an electron microscope. A Macro–nanite is about the size of a group of human cells. Because it is larger, it resembles a miniature robot rather than a true nanite.

Magazine, Mag – Short for box magazine, an external, spring driven device used to feed ammunition into a weapon.

Man–of–War Cybernetic Pod – This is a cybernetic pod, or chassis. While in most cyborgs, the only biological parts left are the central nervous system and brain. With a cybernetic pod, the human torso and head are installed into the chest cavity and the body acts as a permanent vehicle.

Martyr Mission – Any such mission where success is doomed due to overregulation, mission creep, or interference from higher ups.

Megacity – Megacities are communities that hold in excess of fifty million people.

MexiCali – A language composed of English and Spanish.

Microcarrier – A micro carrier is a hundred meter long ship used to transport smaller vehicles that do not have a quantum drive, drop ships or shuttles, through slipspace.

Mindscreen theaters – Mindscreen theaters project sensory entertainment directly into the minds of the patrons.

Minigun – A minigun is an updated gattling gun. Electrically rotated barrels fire bullets at an unbelievable rate.

Mudraking – Mercenary slang for getting in trouble.

Multi Purpose Gauss Rifle, MPGR – The MPGR is a magnetically driven rifle capable of firing bundled rods as a single, penetrating mass or in a loose shotgun blast for anti personnel work.

MuRR – Multi-Role Rockets. There are dozens of combination rockets that have a two to five stage warhead that combines the killing power of anti-personnel and/or anti armor explosives with specialty warheads such as fragmentary, gas, fuel-air, thermite, and so on.

NBC gear – This stands for what it protects against: nuclear radiation, biological threats, and chemical weapons.

Nearsteel™  – Nearsteel is a dense plastic polymer, which closely approximates the strength of metal without the weight.

Nerve Manipulator – A nerve manipulator can shut down the chemical producing ends of a nerve.

Newsies – Merc slang for a news man, woman, or thing.

Nine Millimeter Migraine – Merc slang for being shot in the back of the head with a small caliber gun.

OCS, Officer’s Candidate School – Mercenaries looking to attaining the rank of officer usually go through a standardized school on Haven.

Orange Party – The Orange Party is a political organization, like The Green Party, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Democrats, or Republicans. It is so named because most of the members are military personnel, and naval uniforms of Ashley 9 are orange.

Pain Box – Nerve Manipulators can be altered to excite nerve endings.

PFC – Private First Class, one step above private.

Plasteel – A combination of natural and synthetic polymers that very closely replicates steel cables, plating, etc. Much as Nearsteel™ but from a different planet. The two companies are constantly at war with one another.

PR20 Piercer – Penetrating Railgun 2320. A Railgun made to puncture rock walls and thin armor. Invented in 2320, it is considered a very dangerous, multi–role weapon.

Principal – Slang for any target, contractee, or other person vital to a mission. Usually a noncombatant.

Quantum Net – Much like the internet, the quantum net is a collection of computers used to facilitate education, entertainment, and commerce. With a strong enough transceiver, it can be accessed from separate planets.

RADAR – Radio Detection And Ranging uses radio waves to detect and track objects.

Roh – Roh is a crime riddled planet.

S.H.E.E.T. skiff – This is a semi–stealthy high–speed emergency ejectable transport skiff. Basically, it is used for one man to make reentry through atmosphere. It is destroyed during use.

Scout/AllTerrain, ScAT – A scout is a soldier trained in stealth, survival, and observation of enemy positions. All terrain is added for those that excel in urban, wilderness, artic, and desert camouflage and survival.

Screamer Chain ™ Locks – Screamer Chain locks are impregnated with high performance speakers and tiny batteries. If the circuit is cut, then the speakers blare at a deafening 120 dB.

Seam – Mercenary slang for a stitch.

Shit skiff – Mercenary slang for a S.H.E.E.T. skiff.

Shuttle – A shuttle is a drop ship usually reserved for space only travel, and is not equipped with aeroline engines.

Slipspace – This refers to faster than light travel made possible through use of quantum mechanics.

Smartchip Translators – Inside of many electronic devices are translators that will take incoming words and synthesize the voice into another language seamlessly.

Snail Drum Magazine – An ammunition storage device that holds so many bullets it is curled like a snail’s shell in order to make it practical.

Snitch – This is a drone made to gather intelligence.

Spoils, (open for) – Some mercenary contracts allow for looting.

Steelcloth™ – This is a trademarked product of the far future. Used in many ways, including casts, it is a soft, polymer plastic cloth which seals and hardens into shape when an electric current is applied.

Straight Board – Old style ships have a board to tell where there is expolsive decompression. Any open hatches are show with O’s all closed hatches are show as dashes. Thus a board showing all dashes is a ‘straight board’.

Suicide Kings – A popular card game.

Sy-Vine™ laser pistol – A stylish, if somewhat impractical, laser pistol favored by people who never see dirt, mud, grit, or blood.

Talent Cloning – Talent cloning involves getting the genetic material of a superstar, cloning a child, and then releasing them as a ‘new’ version of the old star once their career has come to an end.

Templar Model – This is a giant human form cyborg. Logan is a Templar model.

ThwackA swear word popular with criminals. Can mean Frag, or even Kill.

Toolbot – A simple maintenance bot that can carry out repairs.

Type 13 – During the intense resource wars on Earth before the Exile, it is thought that America built cyborgs of unbelievable sophistication. Indistinguishable from normal humans, they are extremely strong, fast, and resilient. Type 13’s have never been proven to exist.

Type 8 – There are thought to be twelve types of cyborgs. Type 8 cyborgs are based on animal, or legendary animal bodies. Usually, the human brain inside begins to act more aggressive once it is placed inside little more than a mobile weapon.

UAV – Unmanned aerial vehicle. Basically, it is a flying drone.

Unbonded – A mercenary is issued a bond when they are hired. This acts as insurance in case of extensive property damage or accidental death. Those that lose their bond usually do so because of incompetence, but some are war criminals. They usually wind up destitute.

Whiplash – A complex, fast paced card game that fluctuates wildly depending on the cards in play. One can be ahead and then behind from hand to hand, with the only sure loser being the guy in the middle.

White Knight Syndrome – An unofficial mental disorder in which a person so badly wants to be a hero they will ride to save anyone from harm, regardless of need or the advisability of doing so.

Willpowerless™ Dispenser – A small, hardened box that dispenses dangerous or addictive medication only in tune with the prescription.

WOC/WOCing – An actor’s curse. It stands for WithOut Contract. Generally used in the same way a Mercenary uses frag.

XQT – Military shorthand for ‘execute’ or proceed.